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Mindo Chocolate Liquor - 1 lb
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No, it's not THAT kind of liquor.*


Cocoa liquor is pure chocolate in it's simplest form - nothing more, nothing less. Mindo Chocolate Liquor is made from pure 100% Nacional cacao, minimally stone-ground and untempered. Intense cacao taste and a coarse texture. Use as a less processed, more traditional replacement for baking chocolate in your recipes.


*Note - cocoa liquor does not contain any alcohol, nor does it come in contact with alcohol at any point during its processing. "Liquor" is a term used within the chocolate industry to describe pure cocoa mass in liquid form.


Ingredients: organic cocoa beans


Made in Michigan by Mindo Chocolates


Net weight 1 lb








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Bread with Chocolate, Olive Oil & Black Garlic
Think of this dish as a subtle, sophisticated spin on garlic bread – with a few surprising twists of complex, satisfying flavor. Originally a traditional Asian herbal health tonic, black garlic has been embraced by the Western world as an exciting culinary ingredient. Black garlic is dark ebony black in color, and has a soft, almost jam-like texture with a deep, dark mysterious taste. The long, slow fermentation process yields a sweetly delicate and mild garlic flavor with complex notes of fennel, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.
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Chipotle Molé Wings
While we never really get tired of original Buffalo-style wings, sometimes it’s fun to break out of the routine and try something new, exciting and deliciously different. In this recipe, chicken wings get a south-of-the-border makeover; first, marinated with a rub of aromatic & zesty spices, sherry vinegar and garlic, then, after baking, a quick toss with a sweet and savory molé-style sauce made with smoky chipotle chile peppers and deep, dark chocolate. While the sauce is not a really an authentic molé, it’s MUCH easier and faster to make, and this classic combination of flavors creates a spicy and mouthwatering coating that tastes nothing short of terrific.
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Real Hot Chocolate, From Scratch
Our recipe for hot chocolate includes three ingredients that subtly enhance the natural flavors of chocolate: chile pepper, vanilla and cinnamon. You can vary the amounts according to your personal taste, or even omit them altogether. Hot chocolate brewed from minimally processed chocolate liquor delivers all of the complex flavors derived from whole cocoa beans. “Chocolate liquor” is the term used for the thick paste that results when whole cocoa beans are fermented, roasted, crushed into ‘nibs,’ and lastly, finely ground. All real chocolate begins with this raw ingredient. This chocolate liquor (also called chocolate mass or paste) consists of 100% cacao – both the cocoa solids and rich, oily cocoa butter. Heavily processed, mass produced cocoa powders just can’t compare with the real thing.
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Crepes with Sweet Cherries
This version is an homage of sorts to the Hungarian palascinta. Very similar to French crepes, Hungarian palascinta are paper-thin pancakes served rolled, folded into triangles or filled, sometimes with fruit, cheese or even savory meat stuffings. Palascinta are tender, delicious and actually quite easy to make – and their batter doesn’t require the several hours of resting time typical of French crêpes. If you can make pancakes, you can make palascinta.
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