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Mindo Chocolate Makers Miel de Cacao - 3.75 oz
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Don't be expecting a chocolatey taste — this syrup is on the other end of the flavor spectrum. Made from the fruit of the same cocoa that produces Mindo Chocolate, Miel de Cacao has a sweet and pleasantly tart taste similar to grape and apple sabas.


As bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Mindo loves the idea of using as much of the cocoa plant as possible. So, during the fermentation process of our cocoa beans, they collect the white fruit that surrounds the beans and boil it down, yielding a delicious syrup that has a vibrant, fruity taste. The taste of Miel de Cacao has been likened to a variety of things : honey, pomegranate, tamarind, balsamic vinaigrette, and raspberry vinaigrette, to name a few.


Miel de Cacao is perfect in marinades, vinaigrettes, stir fry, cocktails, even drizzled over ice cream.


Made in Michigan by Mindo Chocolates

3.75 fl oz (110 ml)




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