Minus 8 IP8 Beer Vinegar - 200 ml
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Here's what they're saying about new Minus 8 IP8 Beer Vinegar:


IP8 Beer Vinegar is rich and viscous with a moderately deep golden amber color


This is a very complex, multifaceted vinegar that evolves with time. Initially slightly earthy and resinous on the nose, with roasted malt and light roast coffee bean notes; then the aromas develop with the additions of candied apple, buckwheat/wildflower honey, pine and spicy/hoppy notes; afterwards the nose becomes additionally layered with exotic aromas of jasmine, light citrus rind (orange and grapefruit) and both cooked and tropical fruit notes.


Richly sweet and balanced with zingy acidity, IP8 exhibits a palate as expansive as the aromas; first there are intense flavors of roasted barley, brown sugar and sweet caramel; over-ripe golden pineapple, sweet grapefruit, biscuit and toasted pine nuts and resin follow; finish is lingering and complex with jasmine tea, melon, orange/lemon peel, and light soya sauce/miso paste notes.


200 ml bottle


Product of Canada



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