Minus 8 Vinegar - 200 ml
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Could this be the finest vinegar in the world? Many connoisseurs think so.


The grapes are picked when temperatures are minus 8 C. and pressed while still frozen. The resulting vinegar is dark like a raisin, has a soft sweetness and glows with fruit.  Minus 8 is similar in body to balsamic vinegar and similar in depth to an aged sherry vinegar.  The vinegar starts with red and white wine, then fermented slowly into vinegar, aged in French oak barrels, and blended  using the solera method, in which batches from previous years are mixed in with the new vintage.
Minus 8 can be used as is for flavoring finished dishes, to marinate foods or to sip as a digestive, mixed with oil for dressing, incorporated into sauces, or gently reduced for extra viscosity and concentration. 
Minus 8 is wonderful with foie gras, meats, fish and seafood, duck, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, salads, and sauces, and is far more wine-friendly than most vinegars.


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