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Glace de Poulet is a classic French chicken stock with deep, rich, roasted color and pure, intense flavor made to the standards of professional kitchens.
No ordinary chicken stock, Glace de Poulet produces a wonderful base for your homemade soups and because it is concentrated, just one ounce makes 2-1/2 cups of affordable classic chicken stock.


Suggested Uses: 

- Add Glace de Poulet full strength to your own stock pot to enhance the flavor and color of your homemade stock. 

- Use it with six parts water to create a highly reduced stock for preparing classic sauces. 

- Use with a little wine to deglaze your sauté pan. 

- Add to your cooking liquids to enhance the flavor of your rice and risotto dishes. 

- Use as a great braising liquid. 

- Make classic consomme in just 10 minutes 

Glace de Poulet may be used full strength or diluted to a classic chicken stock.

One 1.5 oz pack makes approximately 4 cups of stock.

Chicken Stock, Roasted Chicken Stock, Mirepoix Stock (made of carrot, celery and onion stocks), Dried Chicken Stock, Salt, Gelatin, Water, White Wine.


This product is gluten free.  Product of USA.



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