Storage and Handling


Morels are highly perishable and must be handled with care. However, you need never lose a fresh Morel to spoilage. The key is to keep them cool and dry, with a little ventilation - in the refrigerator in a loosely closed paper bag is perfect. Do not store refrigerated in a sealed plastic bag! This keeps in the moisture and causes rot.


Clean morels immediately before use to avoid storing wet mushrooms. Wash morels by soaking in cold salted water for 20 minutes; rinse gently to loosen any naturally occurring debris or grit. Occasionally, you may find a few tiny insect larvae munching on the inside of your morels. This is normal - unless there are a lot, don't worry about it.




Morels, fresh or dried, should never be eaten raw – they contain trace amounts of naturally occurring substances that can cause severe stomach upset, but which are destroyed during cooking.


Butter is excellent for cooking morels. But don’t overlook the possibility of using an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil, which can also be delicious.



A subtle sprinkling of finely minced garlic will enhance the flavor of your morels. Don’t add the garlic to the skillet until the butter is good and hot, but not burned. It should sizzle when you sprinkle it in, and you should be able to smell it immediately. Do not let your garlic brown. It’ll turn bitter. And don’t use garlic that has green sprouts coming from the bulb.

Parsley is also lovely with morels. As in the case of garlic, don’t overdo it. Just a dash will add a nice freshness. Make certain it’s snipped very fine, then toss it in just a couple of minutes before the mushrooms are done cooking.




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