Mugolio Italian Wild Pine Bud Syrup - 100 ml
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Created by forager Eleonora Cunaccia of Primitivizia in the heart of the Dolomite Alps National Park, Trento, Italy, Mugolio Wild Pine Bud Syrup is one of the most distinctive syrups you will ever taste.   Eleonora gathers the tender young buds of the Mugo pine by hand in early May. The fragrant buds macerate in water and sugar during the sunny summer months until September, when the must is filtered. The resulting syrup is cooked over low fire with additional sugar until thick and golden brown. The remarkable flavor of Mugolio begins with a burst of pine resin and finishes with lingering sweet notes of delicate maple, rosemary and wild herbs.


Drizzle a few drops of Mugolio over roast pork or grilled chicken or very ripe cheeses.  Wonderful on gelato, panna cotta, yogurt and roasted fruit, or as a surprising substitute for maple syrup. Perfect in elegant cocktails - your guests will be mystified by your secret ingredient!



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