Murray River Salt Flakes - 200 gm
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Yes these are the famous, award-winning "Murray River Pink Salt Flakes." Naturally pink, gourmet-grade Murray River sea salt is produced at the Murray River in South Australia. The underground mineralized saline water used to make this salt has been lying undisturbed for thousands of years and is absolutely free from contaminants.

Made pink by Nature, for a great taste in cooking or a unique presentation on a finished plate. This is a natural product so some variation in color and mineral content may occur.

Perfect for sprinkling before, during and after cooking, or for use with a grinder, Murray River Grinder Salt consists of slightly larger pink salt crystals.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Murray River Pink Salt

Color: Natural pink Appearance: Delicate salt flake crystals
Taste & Nose: Uniquely soft tasting and odorless
Grade/Size: Crystal size range from 0.5 to 5mm
Shelf life: Forever


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