Recipes for Mushrooms and Truffles

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Halibut with Morel Sauce

Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
  Hedgehog Stir-Fry

We are not talking about that cute little animal! These are hedgehog mushrooms.

This is the simplest of recipes that really accentuates the mellow flavor of the mushrooms. Be creative and add the herbs you like....
  Hen of the Woods (Maitake) Gravy

Hot Brie & Mushrooms Wrapped in Phyllo

Watch this Brie decadence disappear like magic! Truly food for the Gods and your dear friends. If you're baking several at once, preheat the oven to 450 degrees, then lower it to 400 when you put them in the oven.
  Hot Mushroom Soup

  Lobster Mushroom Frittata

Macaroni and Mushroom Gratin

  Maple-Glazed Button Chanterelle Mushrooms

  Matsutake Veloute

Morel & Asparagus Frittata with Ramps & Chevre

Congratulations to Allan Coyle of Lansing, Michigan for this winning recipe entry in our first ever Morel Recipe Contest!

Thanks, Allan, for sharing your recipe for Morel & Grilled Asparagus Frittata with Ramps & Chevre with all of us!
  Morel Mushroom Bake

This is a simple recipe, long on flavor, and short on fussy preparation time. This is super when served with hot homemade soup, and absolutely beyond compare served with something elegant, like a roasted pheasant or wild game.
  Morel Mushroom Cabernet Sauce

This is another one of those excellent recipes that deserve gourmet status in spite of being very easy to make. It is versatile and lends itself to just about any meat or poultry dish.
Morel Mushroom Pizzetta

Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
  Morel Mushroom Ravioli

Trying the parsleyed ravioli dough version, really makes this an exceptional dish! This version may be applied to any shape of pasta that you make fresh and will make an impact visually, as well as to your taste buds.
  Morel Mushroom Rice Pilaf

A versatile side dish that is a snap to make but is gourmet in looks and taste.

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