Recipes for Mushrooms and Truffles

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Morel, Ham and Brie Omelet

For breakfast or lunch, this simple omelet rises to even the most formal of occasions!
  Morel, Ramp, and Truffle Gratinee

Spring "casserole" that reaches the heights of gustatory delight! Fresh morels and ramps, topped off with decadent Hollandaise sauce!
  Morels in Cream on Brioche

Morels in Puff Pastry

A delicious and unique variation for serving morels in a dazzling presentation. The extra work is well worth the results.
  Morels with Madeira Fettuccine

This recipe is adapted from one by Michael Lomonaco. It's a perfect way to use leftover ham and still have a masterpiece!
  Mushroom Bread Pudding

This is another one of those wonderfully hearty side dishes that can double as a main vegetarian course. This recipe will yield 20 small puddings, so cut the recipe in half if you don't have a crowd.
Mushroom Casserole

This recipe makes an unusual side dish, or an excellent vegetarian main course. It's rich and creamy, with simple seasonings that don't interfere with the wonderful taste of the mushrooms.
  Mushroom Cassoulet

A classic cassoulet with a wild twist!
  Mushroom Frittata

Mushroom Risotto

Trumpet (Royale) variations on a classic theme.
  Mushroom Salad with Frisee & Hazelnuts

Combining a few kinds of fresh exotic mushrooms for use in this recipe makes for a unique, refreshing salad.
  Mushroom and Pea Quinoa Risotto

Mushrooms in Wine Sauce

A simple, classic recipe that is as versatile as the varieties of mushrooms and wines. An elegant basic for any recipe collection. Maybe be used as a sauce for other dishes.
  Pasta with Mushrooms and Hazelnut Oil

This recipe is one of those amazingly simple sauces that you can make while the pasta cooks. It os elegant enough for a formal luncheon or dinner. You don't have to let on how easy it is!
  Non-Blasphemous Morel Mushrooms

Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest

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