Recipes for Mushrooms and Truffles

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Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus with Sautéed Morels

  Roasted Mushroom Bruschetta

  Roasted Wild Morels with Shaved Parmesan

An interesting way to serve morels in a salad. The balsamic and sherry vinegar bring out the woodsy flavor of the morels. Elegant enough for a formal dinner.
Russian Style Sautéed Chanterelles

  Sautéed Fiddleheads with Morel Mushrooms

Simple to prepare, yet brings out the best in all flavors. The rich, earthy flavor of fresh morels is enhanced by green, fresh ferns and shallots. Use as appetizer or a side dish.
  Sautéed Fresh Chanterelles

Sautéed Scallops with Chanterelles and Frisee

  Scallops with Chanterelles & Port Wine Sauce

Scallops with the unusual pairing of Port wine sauce is balanced nicely by the addition of woodsy Chanterelle mushrooms. It's an excellent change of pace from the standard barbecue fare, and can be prepared in minutes.
  Scallops with Pasta, Asparagus & Chanterelles

This is a delicious, light dish, redolent with basil and garlic ... perfect for an informal evening. An intriguingly new twist on pasta with Pesto.
Simple Trumpet Royale Mushrooms

Here's a quick, easy way to bring out the best of these delicious mushrooms.
  Spaghetti with Morel Mushrooms and Asparagus

Wild mushroom and asparagus pasta with pine-nuts and herbs...truly a fruits-of-the-earth dish.
  Spring Stew

Honorable Mention, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
Stir Fried Snap Peas & Exotic Mushrooms

The bright green and crisp, fresh flavor of the sugar snap pea will liven up any meal. This simple style is complementary to just about any main course, in fact it's so delicious it can be eaten as a meal.
  Stuffed Morel Mushrooms

Third Runner Up, Earthy Delights 2009 Morel Recipe Contest
  Crab-Stuffed Morel Mushrooms

This is a superb and very special way to enjoy morels. Perfect for a special occasion.

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