Recipes for Mushrooms and Truffles

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Sweet Corn and Mushroom-Truffle Pasta

This is adapted from one of Emeril's recipes. We add a new twist to some traditional ingredients.
  Sweet Corn, Black Trumpet and Truffle Risotto

A dinner to toot your horn about. The black trumpet mushrooms make it easy! Together with corn and truffles, this makes an unforgettable risotto!
  The Woodcutter's Wife's Pasta

Truffle Butter

A simple recipe that packs a punch! This versatile truffle butter can be used in numerous recipes to add that special magic. Freezes well.
  Truffle Pasta

Truffles turn an ordinary, easy to make pasta into a luxurious experience.
  Truffle Pate

Truffle Risotto

A dish for a special occasion that will guarantee some swooning at the dinner table! Simple yet heavenly.
  Truffled Custard

  Truffled Eggs

The intense aroma and flavor of fresh truffles is easily absorbed through the semi-permeable eggshells, infusing fresh eggs with truffle flavor.
Truffled Fondue

  Truffled Potatoes

This is a dish that is both beautiful and delectable. The potato flavors are intensified by fresh truffles and softened by the cream. It's a dream of a dish - or a dish dreams are made of!
  Vegetables with Dried Mushrooms Stir Fry

A classic stir-fry made with a blend of dried mushrooms that really adds a delicious undertone to the aromatic mixture.
Warm Chanterelle & Pancetta Salad

  Warm Chanterelle and Blue Cheese Salad

  Wheatberry Pilaf with Porcini Mushrooms

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