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Our newly reformulated Earthy Delights Balsamic Glaze has the same intense sweet/sour flavor and rich, creamy consistency that you know and love – only now better than ever!



Produced for Earthy Delights by our sister company, Food for Thought, in Traverse City, Michigan, this clean label recipe blends real balsamic vinegar and fruity unfermented grape juice, creating a versatile ingredient with a thousand uses. Equally delicious in savory and sweet applications, Earthy Delights Balsamic Glaze is an affordable luxury that's indispensable for busy cooks on the go.


It's fantastic with fresh fruit, especially berries. Toss sliced strawberries, whole raspberries, black berries or blueberries with a little balsamic creme and let them stand at room temperature for about 20 minutes. Then eat as is, or over ice cream or yogurt. The tangy sweetness of balsamic creme brings out the natural flavor of the fruit without masking it.


Plums, peaches, apricots, pears and apples are also good pairings with balsamic glaze. Drizzle sliced fruit with balsamic creme, add a selection of flavorful cheeses and toasted nuts for an elegant dessert. Unlike most vinegars, balsamic glaze is also very wine friendly, so it won't overpower a nice dessert wine like port or sherry.


Balsamic glaze also makes a great marinade for grilled meats and poultry. Just slather a steak or some chicken with balsamic glaze and marinade for a hour or two. It adds flavor and tenderizes at the same time. When your marinated meat or poultry is grilled, the balsamic creme will caramelize, creating a savory glaze with loads of flavor.


These are just a few simple ideas to help you get started. With a little experimentation, I'm sure you'll find your own favorite uses for balsamic glaze

Refrigerate after opening. Contains sulfites. Best if used within 6 months of opening.


No recipes at this time. Please come back soon.

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