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Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Trio
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Family-owned Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has been producing premium pure vanilla products since 1907. Nielsen-Massey's process begins with the finest vanilla beans available - hand-picked for perfection - and gently extracts their delicate and distinctive essence.

Our Vanilla Sampler includes all three of Nielsen-Massey's premium pure vanillas:

creamy, sweet Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, Mexican vanilla with it's affinity for chocolate, cinnamon and other warm spices and flowery, fruity Tahitian vanilla.

Why settle for one when you can try all three?

Set of three bottles vanilla extract.  4 fl. oz. each. 


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Pawpaw Custard
Fresh pawpaws are so custardy-good on their own, that it just plain makes sense to add eggs and make a real custard! Grated coconut adds texture and turns this dessert into a tropical dream.

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Seared Scallops with Vanilla Sauce
The mellow and fruity flavor of pure vanilla helps to highlight the nutty sweetness of scallops, butter and cream in this remarkable recipe. With this combination of pale, creamy colors and textures, this unusual dish looks beautiful on the plate and tastes delicious.

Try substituting lobster meat or monk-fish.

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Pumpkin - Goat Cheese Cheesecake
There are a lot of good recipes for pumpkin cheesecake, but the addition of a little fresh goat cheese puts a subtle spin on a new holiday classic. The mild tang of creamy fresh goat cheese adds interest and truly sets this cheesecake apart from the others.
We first tried this cheesecake several years ago, and it's been a part of our holiday traditions ever since.
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Raspberry Valentine Cookies
The red raspberry jam shows through the heart shape in the top layer. You can cut these into any shapes you want and serve them any time of the year! Use a different colored jam for variety. How versatile!
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Lavender Crème Chantilly
This beautiful whipped cream concoction has an intense lavender aroma and delicate floral flavor. Any impeccably fresh fruit will pair beautifully with this Chantilly cream, garnished with a sprig of mint or fresh lavender .

Adding lavender to the whipping cream takes it to glorious heights of flavor and beauty making any dessert extra special.
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Cranberry Sauce with Ruby Port
Naturally sweet-tart fresh cranberries are enhanced by the rich fruity flavor of Ruby Port, fragrant orange and spicy cinnamon. The Ruby Port tempers the tartness of the fresh cranberries nicely, and adds a lush, deep red color.
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As any South American child could tell you, alfajores are rich, buttery cookies filled with delicious dulce de leche. They're equally suited as a special dessert with an afternoon tea, or for an anytime snack.

Alfajores are the traditional cookies of Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. The word alfajor comes from a Hispano-Arabic word meaning "stuffed". In Argentina, they are stuffed and finished in many guises, with a simple dusting of confectioner's sugar or covered with chocolate or fondant, and often rimmed with grated coconut.
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Aztec Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate the way it was meant to be eaten! Rich, dark chocolate enhanced with smoky chipotle chiles, fragrant cinnamon and Mexican Vanilla. Perfect for dipping cubes of pound cake or fresh fruit and berries.

The flavor is simply incredible!

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