Nori (Pressed Seaweed) Sheets - 100 ct
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Authentic Japanese nori are deep green crisp, paper-thin sheets of pressed seaweed, traditionally used as a wrapping for sushi. Try adding nori to soups and rice dishes or crisp in the oven for a delicious, healthy snack!


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Chirashi Sushi (Scatter Sushi)
Making a perfectly shaped or rolled sushi can be difficult and intimidating. If you enjoy sushi, but aren't sure you are ready to "roll your own", try Chirashi Sushi.
Chirashi (scattered sushi) is a style of sushi where various toppings are arranged over a bed of rice. It's a popular and common dish in Japan because it's filling, fast and easy to make.
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Spicy Tuna Tartare
Do you like sushi and sashimi? Like it spicy? If so, this is one simple little dish you won't want to miss. It's fun, it's quick and it's easy. We've suggested an elegant presentation suitable for a fancy dinner, but you can also use this spicy tuna tartare as a filling for rolled sushi or simply heap it on sliced baguette rounds for a casual appetizer.
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Nori tastes so good – savory and satisfying with a fresh flavor deliciously reminiscent of the ocean. This is one snack that vegetarians and carnivores can enjoy equally, especially when paired with a crisp, cold beer. Isn’t it great when we can feel good about eating the food that’s good for us? This recipe can easily be doubled or tripled if you’re planning to entertain a crowd. Make plenty and watch them disappear!
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