Oregon White Truffle Oil - 2 oz
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Oregon White Truffle Oil is made with hand-harvested wild Oregon white truffles and light blended olive oil.


That's it - no artificial ingredients, no preservatives.


Oregon White Truffles vs European White Truffles

Oregon truffles are not the same as European truffles, but they are cousins, sharing many traits. Oregon white truffles (Tuber gibbosum and oregonense) are similar to Italian white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) in that they share a similar aroma. However, Oregon truffles do not have the powerful intensity of Italian truffles, so don't expect Oregon white truffles to be a cheaper alternative to their high-priced European cousins. It may be helpful to think of Oregon white truffles and European white truffles as the equivalent of Pinot Noir compared to Cabernet Sauvignon, respectively.


But if the Oregon truffles used in this oil may not be as intense as Italian truffles, they more than make up for it with their wonderful aromatic complexity. This unique Oregon White Truffle Oil fully captures the subtle floral and herbal overtones that Italian truffles lack.


Even the process for making Oregon Truffle oil is all natural, enabling it to capture more of these complex natural flavoring ingredients than do other commercially produced truffle oils. Oregon Truffle oil is an excellent way to experience true truffle flavor. That's because fats & oils have a natural affinity for truffle aromas & flavors. So when you eat something enhanced by truffle oil, you get more of that wonderful, elusive truffle flavor.


Using Oregon Truffle Oil:

The complex compounds that make truffle oil so delicious are very delicate and the gases that provide the flavor are driven off very quickly by heat. Therefore, truffle oil should never, ever be used during the cooking process, but rather as a finishing oil, drizzled on as final touch. Oregon Truffle Oil can be used on just about anything, but remember that Truffles love fat! Using Oregon Truffle Oil with cured meats & seafood, butter or cheese really makes the flavor stand out. Avoid adding to high-acid like tomato sauce, but definitely use it over pasta with cream. Popcorn with truffled butter is an incredible taste treat!


Shelf life:

Due to its delicate nature, truffle oil will retain its marvelous character for several months, but cannot be stored indefinitely. Important! Store Oregon Truffle Oil in a cool place. The aromatic compounds that create such wonderful flavors go into a semi-liquid state when cold, and keeping the oil cold also preserves the freshness of the olive oil. We recommend that Oregon Truffle Oil be kept it in the refrigerator when not in use. While the oil will solidify and become opaque, this in no way will adversely affect the flavor or quality. Bring the oil out of the refrigerator and allow it to slowly return to room temperature before use. As the oil warms it will return to its normal clear appearance.


The best way to preserve the quality of Oregon Truffle Oil is to use it! Enjoy it while it is fresh, just as you would any perishable produce. Don't worry - there will be more again next year!


Product of Oregon

2 oz bottle



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