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Organic Turbinado Sugar - 24 oz
Item #: SWS220
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Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Turbinado Sugar is a golden-colored sugar with large sparkling crystals and a rich aroma. It is the ultimate topping for cakes, cookies, muffins, crumbles and pies and a wonderful start to the day sprinkled on cereal or fruit. Use as a one-for-one replacement for refined white and brown sugars.

Organic Turbinado Sugar is made by crushing the freshly-cut sugar cane to squeeze out the juice, rich in, vitamins and minerals. The cane juice is evaporated and spun in a centrifuge, or turbine, to produce the large sparkling golden crystals.

Organic Turbinado has a distinctive color and flavor produced by keeping the sugar cane molasses in and around the crystals. It is not blended, colored or chemically refined.

Organic Turbinado Sugar is endorsed by Washington DC's Chef Nora Pouillon, owner of Restaurant Nora, America's first certified organic restaurant and Asia Nora, where organic ingredients are combined to create healthy dishes for a balanced diet.

Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar Size: 24oz (1.5 lbs)

Product of Brazil

Ingredients: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice


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Wild Leek Marmalade
What's in a name? We called this new recipe "Wild Leek Marmalade," but you can call it anything you want.

A delicious accompaniment to roasted or grilled meats, poultry and game, this sweet/sour/savory condiment is also great with sandwiches and cheese.

So who cares whether it's called a jam, relish, marmalade or chutney - point is, it's delicious!

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Ancho Chile Sauce
The dried version of the chile poblano, reddish black before soaking, the Ancho chile is one of the most versatile dried chiles. On soaking, it turns a rich mahogany red , contributing an attractive red color to many sauces. It has a meaty body and grassy notes of green bell pepper.
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Ancho Chile Sauce (Busy Person's Mole)
Mole, perhaps Mexico's most famous sauce, is really a whole family of sauces based on varying proportions of chiles, spices, seeds, nuts, fruits, and chocolate. True moles are too time-consuming to make from scratch, but this simplified sauce uses many classic mole techniques: toasting the chiles and garlic in a hot skillet, soaking and pureeing the chiles, frying the sauce to develop its flavors, but in less than 1/2 the time.
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Anchovy Vinaigrette
When it comes to anchovies, most people either love 'em or hate 'em.

This simple, flavorful vinaigrette makes them easy to love and has been known to convert even a die-hard anchovy hater!

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Black Garlic Barbecue Sauce
Break out of your grilling routine and try something a little different from the usual tomato-y barbecue sauce! This sweet-sour-savory sauce, inspired by Asian sauces and marinades, is wonderful on everything from seafood and poultry to beef and pork.

Use a little as a marinade and don't forget to brush the sauce on as it grills. Don't worry if it chars a little - it's even more delicious that way!

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Dijon-Style Mustard
Make your own Dijon mustard using mustard powder. It's delicious and habit-forming!
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Fruit Kabob Marinade
Tabletop grilling is all the rage right now, and many foods previously reserved for summer barbecues are finding their way indoors. This is a marinade especially made to go with fruit. Use this on pineapple, bananas, papaya, mango, peaches, and apples. Pineapple, papaya, and mango cooked this way go together especially well with Five-Spiced Scallops.
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Hot and Tangy Dipping Sauce
A Thai and Vietnamese-inspired dipping sauce that is so versatile and easy to make.

Try it with stuffed rice paper rolls, poultry, shrimp, or fish. It improves a bit with age, so mix it up ahead of time and store in a sealed jar for two weeks or so.
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Mango Chutney
An aromatic, easy and versatile side dish for poultry and meats. Also goes well with or in sandwiches.
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Melfor Vinegar and Avocado Oil Vinaigrette
The herbaceous flavors in this vinaigrette pair well with the strong flavors of the greens in the Spring Mix blend. Try adding orange segments and thinly sliced red onion for an extra flavor kick!
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Rhubarb and Dried Cherry Chutney
The tartness of the rhubarb is balanced beautifully by the concentrated sweetness of the dried cherries. The red wine vinegar adds just the right touch of acidity to keep the bright red color of the rhubarb from disappearing in the cooking process. This combination brings out the best in all the ingredients, making this chutney a classic!
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Roasted Corn and Ramp Salsa
This salsa is delicious on fresh grilled fish. Adjust the ingredients so that it's uniquely your own. Serve it next to something bland, like lentils or rice, so that you can "mix things up" and experiment with the flavors. These days we're lucky enough to be able to purchase good quality corn on the cob in their shucks at nearly any time of the year. Don't shirk on this part of the recipe, canned corn won't ring your bell like the real roasted kind will.
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Spicy Mango-Chili Sauce
A refreshingly different chili sauce with a Thai-Vietnamese influence. The complex taste belies the ease of preparation.
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Yuzu-Wasabi Vinaigrette
Yuzu is a sour Japanese citrus fruit, used both for its juice and its aromatic rind. The yuzu (which is about the size of a tangerine) has an aroma and flavor that is distinct from any other citrus fruit, somewhat akin to a cross between grapefruit and lime.

In this recipe, a traditional vinaigrette gets an refreshing Asian makeover - perfect with fresh greens and with Seared Ahi Tuna!

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Cranberry Sauce with Ruby Port
Naturally sweet-tart fresh cranberries are enhanced by the rich fruity flavor of Ruby Port, fragrant orange and spicy cinnamon. The Ruby Port tempers the tartness of the fresh cranberries nicely, and adds a lush, deep red color.
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Basic Pizza Dough
As American as Apple Pie! Almost as easy as ordering out... The ingredients can be easily doubled if you wish to make a bigger batch, it freezes well.
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Harvest Fruit & Nut Bread with Gorgonzola Cheese
When the weather turns chilly, it's time to cozy up inside and do some baking. There is nothing like baking bread on a crisp fall day to fill the house with warmth and that tantalizing aroma.
For something different, try this hearty rustic loaf filled with nuts, dried fruit and the rich flavor of Gorgonzola cheese. Adding Gorgonzola cheese to bread may sound unusual, but it creates an amazing depth of flavor that only gets better after the loaf rests for a day or two. Wonderful when toasted, great with your favorite preserves or as the base for a fantastic sandwich, the hearty flavor of Harvest Fruit & Nut Bread will keep them coming back for more.
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Irish Soda Bread
In Ireland, soda bread is eaten both at the main meal and at breakfast; it's the stuff of everyday consumption.
The basic business of baking soda bread is extremely simple. Soda bread rises wonderfully and bakes with great evenness. The smell of the bread, suddenly released on opening the oven, is ravishing.
For a very crunchy crust, put on a rack to cool. For a softer crust, wrap the cake in a clean dishcloth as soon as it comes out of the oven. Either way, soda bread is wonderful sliced or split and served hot, with sweet butter and/or the jam or jelly of your choice.

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Hibiscus Royale Champagne Cocktail
Sparkling wine infused with the refreshing, gently floral flavor of hibiscus makes a simple, but charmingly elegant cocktail for any occasion.

If you're planning a special brunch or lunch this Mother's Day, treat Mom to this pretty and stylish twist on a Champagne cocktail. And for those who don't drink alcohol - adults or children - you can substitute ginger ale or sparkling apple juice. Our recipe is intended to be made in individual glasses, but you can make it by the pitcher as a Champagne punch and easily serve everyone at the table.

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Hibiscus Tea
Refreshing, intensely flavored, deep ruby red hibiscus tea is a favorite beverage south of the border where it is known as flor de Jamaica. In Mexico, it's typically served very sweet, but you can adjust the level of sweetness to your own taste.

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Michigan Mojito
The Mojito, a cocktail with roots in pre-Castro Cuba, has recently become popular again. The classic version, made with white rum, is definitely a cool and refreshing summer drink. We wanted to experiment with a version suited to our chillier northern climate here in Michigan. After much experimentation, here's what we came up with. Boy, was that fun!

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Castillian Hot Chocolate
This is a classic Spanish Hot Cocoa recipe. The consistency of the finished product should resemble chocolate pudding that hasn't quite set. Yes, this is a thick drink!

Add brandy or rum for a festive occasion!
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Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce
The sweet-savory-spicy dipping sauce known as “nuoc cham” in Vietnamese is a popular condiment used throughout Southeast Asia. One of the key ingredients is the pungent decoction commonly called fish sauce. Don't let the intense aroma put you off - the flavor is immediately addictive, complementing everything from seafood to grilled poultry & meats to vegetables. Try it once and you'll be hooked for life!
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