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The fresh, distinctive flavor of real Bavarian beer is captured in this remarkable vinegar.


Spicy-malty PÖDÖR BEER BALSAMICO is produced by the classic balsamic procedure - the result of a cominbation of carefully selected ingredients, artisanal craftsmanship and many years of experience.


PÖDÖR BEER BALSAMICO is 100% natural, containing no artifical ingredients, aromas or colorings.



This special vinegar should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dark place away from light. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life.


The sediment settling at the bottom of the bottle is natural (desirable, actually) and is not a sign of spoilage or deficiency in quality. PÖDÖR BEER BALSAMICO is undiluted and unfiltered; we recommend shaking the bottle before each use.


100 ml bottle







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Bruschetta with Pödör Beer Balsamico & Sunflower Seeds
Here's a very quick & easy version of the classic tomato bruschetta that is enlivened by the bright, tangy flavor of Pödör Beer Balsamico. The bold, spicy flavor of fresh arugula adds an unexpected kick while toasted sunflower seeds contribute their nutty crunch to the mix.
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Eggplant with Trumpet Royale Mushrooms
Balsamic vinegar adds deep, rich notes to the otherwise mild flavors of eggplant and mushrooms. Like many of our favorite dishes, this recipe uses just a few good ingredients and lets their complementary flavors shine through.
Be sure to use a good quality balsamic vinegar, not a cheap imitation.
It makes all the difference in the world.

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