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It's no surprise that PÖDÖR PEAR BALSAMICO tastes like fresh, ripe pears. Its delightful flavor comes from the combination real fruit, traditional production and aging methods and many years of experience.


PÖDÖR PEAR BALSAMICO is 100% natural balsamic vinegar, made from carefully selected and cleaned pears using the classic balsamico techniques, right down to the long aging and ripening in wooden casks.


It all starts with balsamic vinegar, made from a syrup of fresh pears, which is stored in wooden barrels. Slowly, over time, the vinegar gradually reduces in liquid volume, and becomes thick and flavorful. As a result, the ripe pear aromas intensify, acidity decreases, and the vinegar becomes silky and sweet.


PÖDÖR PEAR BALSAMICO contains no additives, artificial ingredients, aromas or colorings.



This special vinegar should be stored tightly sealed in a cool, dark place away from light. Under these conditions it has a virtually indefinite shelf life. The sediment settling at the bottom of the bottle is natural (desirable, actually) and is not a sign of spoilage or deficiency in quality. PÖDÖR PEAR BALSAMICO is undiluted and unfiltered; we recommend shaking the bottle before each use.

250 ml bottle






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