Integration Acres Pawpaw Autumn Harvest Chutney - 8 oz
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Integration Acres Pawpaw Autumn Harvest Chutney begins with loads of ripe pawpaw pulp blended with apples and peppers. This delightful and flavorful chutney adds zip & zing to any dish, from sandwich to salad and beyond! It also makes a good base for a vinaigrette or dressing, as a tangy spread with crackers and cheese - you name it, it will taste better with a little Autumn Harvest Pawpaw Chutney.


8 oz jar

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Wild Mushroom Crepes with Duck Prosciutto, Sour Cream & Chutney
Crepes are an ideal canvas for featuring delicately flavored wild mushrooms, such as Chanterelles, Hen of the Woods (Maitake) or Hedgehogs These delicious savory crepes also make an excellent base for any variety of other toppings.
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Scotch Eggs
Scotch eggs are a hearty, traditional snack or meal in the British Isles. These delicious morsels, best when served at room temperature, make quintessential pub or picnic fare. These fragrant, spiced sausage-covered eggs are a meal in themselves when served with a salad, cheese, tomatoes, chutney and a pint of good beer.
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