If you've never tried a pawpaw, you'll be amazed by their incredible tropical fruit flavor & creamy texture. What does a fresh pawpaw taste like? The taste of the pawpaw is difficult to describe, complicated by the fact that different cultivars (over 40 and counting!) have distinctly different flavors.The pawpaw's soft custard-like flesh has a complex tropical fruit flavor, often described as a combination of mango, pineapple, and banana with notes of vanilla and spice.  Read more...



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Frozen Pawpaw Puree - 2 lb
Frozen Pawpaw Puree - 2 lb

This 100% pure, unadulterated pawpaw pulp is free of skins and seeds, and is ready to use.

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  Lindera Farms Pawpaw Vinegar - 200 ml
Lindera Farms Pawpaw Vinegar - 200 ml

The pawpaw, a fruit native to North America, gives floral and tropical flavors to this intriguing vinegar.

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  Fresh Pawpaws - 3 lbs
Fresh Pawpaws - 3 lbs

Season: September - October

Pawpaws are a native North American fruit with a creamy, custard-like flesh that has a remarkable tropical flavor.

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