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Pomegranate Syrup - 10 oz

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Pomegranate syrup, sometimes known as "Pomegranate Molasses", has nothing at all to do with molasses.

Pomegranate syrup is just that - a thick, syrup-like reduction made from concentrated pomegranate juice and sugar.

Pomegranate syrup has a unique, sweet-tart flavor and deep red color like Cabernet Sauvignon. Like a full-bodied red wine, its complex sweet and sour flavors lush fruit, balanced with just the right amount of acid. Pomegranate syrup is best known as an ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes, but it can add depth and complexity to many dishes and it's a handy addition to any creative cook's pantry.

Legendary cookbook author Paula Wolfert, writes

"Pomegranate molasses is an essential ingredient...has a wonderful flavor and a heady aroma, and its thickness and dark color make food look very appealing. It keeps almost indefinitely in the refrigerator. The uses for this thick, tangy, piquant syrup are many. It blends well with walnuts, adds a tart and pungent flavor to beans, sharpens the taste of poultry, gives a clean, tart taste to fish, gives an astringent edge to salads and vegetables, and is a great tenderizer for lamb and pork. It can also be diluted and used for sharp drinks and tart sorbets."

Cortas Pomegranate Syrup (Molasses)- 10 oz Bottle


Cornish Game Hens with Pomegranate & Black Garlic
We like black garlic. I mean, we like it A LOT!
In fact, we like black garlic so much that we can't help but keep coming up with new ways to use it. Black garlic's subtly sweet and complex flavor goes beautifully with the fruity tang of Pomegranate Molasses and roasted root vegetables in this new recipe. After a little experimentation, we came up with this variation on a classic roasted game hen that is succulent and amazingly delicious.

While you're at it, make up a little extra of the black garlic butter described below. It's great on just about everything - toasted baguette rounds, baked potatoes or simply dolloped onto grilled steaks, chicken breasts, fish or vegetables.

How can something so simple be so darned good?
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Turkey with Pomegranate Sauce & Wild Rice Stuffing
The stuffing includes wild rice and goat cheese! This recipe is a marvelous example of "fusion" cooking. We've taken some typical Middle-Eastern ingredients, paired them with some traditional U.S. ingredients, and voila! We have a fresh version of a time-honored tradition. The pomegranate sauce is beyond compare when used with turkey or vegetables. For mashed potatoes, stick with a more traditional gravy.

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