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Pinot Noir, Chanterelle, and Fresh Truffle Sauce

  Russian Style Sautéed Chanterelles

  Sautéed Fiddleheads with Morel Mushrooms

Simple to prepare, yet brings out the best in all flavors. The rich, earthy flavor of fresh morels is enhanced by green, fresh ferns and shallots. Use as appetizer or a side dish.
Sautéed Fresh Chanterelles

  Simple Trumpet Royale Mushrooms

Here's a quick, easy way to bring out the best of these delicious mushrooms.
  Stir Fried Snap Peas & Exotic Mushrooms

The bright green and crisp, fresh flavor of the sugar snap pea will liven up any meal. This simple style is complementary to just about any main course, in fact it's so delicious it can be eaten as a meal.
The Woodcutter's Wife's Pasta

  Truffle Butter

A simple recipe that packs a punch! This versatile truffle butter can be used in numerous recipes to add that special magic. Freezes well.
  Truffle Pasta

Truffles turn an ordinary, easy to make pasta into a luxurious experience.
White Truffle Cream 1

A simple to make sauce for pasta, vegetables or seafood. It'll will turn a regular dish into something extraordinary.
  White Truffle Cream II

  White Truffle Paste

Mushroom Bolognese

  Goat Cheese & Autumn Berry Spread
Goat Cheese & Autumn Berry Spread
  Thai Grilled Oysters
Thai Grilled Oysters
This is an easy, unusual, and delicious appetizer. The following recipe for oyster grilling sauce comes from the Glidden Point Oyster Sea Farm in Maine.

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