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Red & Green Yuzu Kosho Duo
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Red & Green Yuzu Kosho in one convenient set!

Yuzu Kosho is a traditional Japanese condiment that packs a powerful salty-spicy-citrusy punch!

A specialty of the cuisine of the Kyushu region of southeastern Japan, Yuzu Kosho is made from three ingredients only: the zest of the yuzu, a prized and very tart Japanese citrus fruit, ground chile peppers and sea salt.

Red Yuzu Kosho (Aka Kosho) is made with red chilesand Green Yuzu Kosho (Ao Kosho is made with green chiles. Each variety has a distinctly different character that lends itself to many applications.

Use Yuzu Kosho sparingly on its own as a condiment or combine it with other ingredients to create remarkable new flavor sensations.

One 2.82 oz bottle each Red & Green Yuzu Kosho
Product of Japan


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Yuzu Kosho Hot Wings
I've been on a personal quest for the best hot wings recipe in the world for the past several years. If this isn't it, it's pretty darn close.

After tinkering with the recipe for the past few weeks (a rough job, but somebody has to do it), I think it's finally just right.

Hot, but not too hot, with a tangy citrus edge and just a hint of sweetness, these wings are guaranteed to be a hit with any crowd. The recipe is easy to scale up for any size gathering, too.

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Yuzu Kosho-Miso Glazed Salmon
We were recently introduced to Yuzu Kosho, a salty, citrusy & spicy Japanese condiment...ever since, we've been thinking up new ways to use it.

In this recipe, mirin, a sweet, low-alcohol Japanese cooking wine is used to balance the saltiness of the yuzu kosho. Savory white miso brings it all together while allowing the pleasant heat from the chiles to shine through! This unusual glaze adds just the right touch to complement the rich flavor of fresh salmon - or any meaty, firm-fleshed fish.

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