Regalis Black Truffle Butter - 16 oz
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This small batch, Wisconsin-made truffle butter is a rich and luxurious blend of extra creamy butter and real black truffles from Abruzzo, Italy. This exceptional truffle butter is a guaranteed way to impress any palate. Top a freshly seared, dry-aged steak, slather on a French baguette straight out of the oven, add a dollop to piping hot pasta, drizzle over freshly popped popcorn, or smear over roasted chicken for rich, earthy flavor.


16 oz container




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Double Truffled Roast Turkey
Seems like everybody is making roast turkey with truffle butter these days. But we've come up with our own recipe that is, hands down, one of the best we've ever tried. Using a really good truffle butter adds a big boost of flavor, but finishing the turkey with Black Truffle Balsamic Glaze at the last minute really takes this version to the next level.

Long, gentle roasting in a moderate oven keeps the meat moist and tender, while allowing the intoxicating truffle flavor and aroma to permeate the entire bird. Just try this recipe once and prepare to be captivated by the mouthwatering results. You'll love it and your guests will too.

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Potato Galette with Truffle Butter & Smoky Paprika
This elegant potato galette is well-suited for any meal, from a hearty country breakfast to a sit-down dinner. It goes with just about any dish - roasted poultry, grilled steaks, pan-fried chops - but it is especially wonderful with salmon.

Fingerling potatoes are simply the best for this dish. They have loads of flavor and actually taste like a potato - sweet and earthy. And what else is more earthy than real truffle oil? You don't have to use a lot - a little is enough to add a hint of subtle flavor that will gently permeate the entire dish. Use the good stuff - 100% natural truffle oil is less powerful than the artificially flavored kind, but the difference is amazing. Smoked Spanish Paprika adds the finishing touch with a touch of deep, rich smokiness.

Don't be intimidated by the preparation - it's actually a very simple dish to make. Once you get started, things go very quickl
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Truffle Pasta
Truffles turn an ordinary, easy to make pasta into a luxurious experience.
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