Favorite Recipes for Rice and Grains

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Spiced Saffron Rice

An aromatic and delicious rice side dish that will elevate the tone of any dinner and make it special and memorable.
  Sweet Corn, Black Trumpet and Truffle Risotto

A dinner to toot your horn about. The black trumpet mushrooms make it easy! Together with corn and truffles, this makes an unforgettable risotto!
  Tomato-Basil Risotto

A delicious variation on the Risotto theme, which has as many variations as there are ingredients you enjoy.
Truffle Risotto

A dish for a special occasion that will guarantee some swooning at the dinner table! Simple yet heavenly.
  Truffled Lobster Risotto

  Two Rices with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Cherries

Wheatberry Pilaf with Porcini Mushrooms

  White Truffle and Chervil Risotto

A classic risotto recipe with the addition of chervil, an aromatic herb with an elusive anise flavor. It pairs rather nicely with earthy taste of truffles.
  Wild Mushroom Risotto

Ramp Risotto

This unique version of risotto is made using a combination of Arborio rice, which is standard for risottos, and wild rice, which goes well with the wild flavor of the ramps.
  Wild Rice Baked with Almonds & Mushrooms

  Wild Rice Griddlecakes with Golden Caviar

Wild Rice Stuffing with Chestnuts

  Wild Rice and Wild Mushroom Soup

A classic and classy, delightful soup. Fresh and dried mushrooms with wild rice...what can be more natural, healthy and delicious?
  Wild Rice Stir-Fry with Chanterelles, Apples & Dried Cherries

An elegant way to serve wild rice as a flavorful and interesting side dish. It may be served as a salad course as well. The rich flavor of chanterelles is enhanced by the sweet cherries and tart apples. Magnifico!

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