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Columela 30 year Sherry Vinegar - 25.4 oz

Columela 30 year Sherry Vinegar - 25.4 oz
SKU:  VNS101
Price: $16.25

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Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic - 17 oz

Columela Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classic - 17 oz
SKU:  OLO103
Price: $19.50

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Lolita Pure Spanish Saffron - 1 oz tin box

Lolita Pure Spanish Saffron - 1 oz tin box
SKU:  SPS101
Price: $65.00

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Roasted Piquillo Peppers - 7.9 oz

Item #: CNP104
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Piquillo Pimientos come from a unique variety of red peppers that grow to perfection in Lodosa and its surrounding areas. Their triangular shape and the slightly curved point characterize these pimientos.

Piquillo Pimientos are incomparable in taste, extremely attractive, whole and bright red in color with an aroma reminiscent of the wood-burning ovens in which they are roasted. Piquillo Pimientos are carefully peeled by hand and packed only their own natural juices.


Black Beluga Lentil Salad with Goat Cheese
Black beluga lentils are aptly named. Not only do the tiny jet-black lentils resemble beluga caviar in appearance, they also possess a warm, nutty flavor that is not unlike that of their namesake.

Black beluga lentils, like French Green Lentils (lentilles du Puys), differ from other "garden variety" lentils in several ways. Black Beluga lentils retain their lens-like shape and firm pleasant texture when cooked, making them a good choice for salads. They're much smaller, too - only about 1/8th-inch or so in diameter. Black beluga lentils cook very quickly, requiring only about 15 - 20 minutes to cook to a pleasant 'al dente' consistency.

The natural deep ebony color of Black beluga lentils fades to an attractive rich nut-brown hue during the cooking process. Their mild, but distinctive "legume" flavor melds beautifully with vinaigrettes and marinades, and accommodates itself well to soups and stews too.
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Arroz con Pollo
Arroz con Pollo (chicken with rice) is a true classic of Latin American cuisine. Although every cook has a favorite version, the main ingredients - rice, chicken, peppers and saffron - remain the same.
South of the border comfort food at its finest!
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Paella a la Valenciana
Adapted from a recipe by Penelope Casas, author of the book, Food and Wine of Spain.

When paella is knowingly and lovingly prepared, it is a creation of elegance. There are many versions of paella Valenciana, some simple, others complex. Feel free to experiment with your ingredients to make this recipe your own and you will be delightfully surprised with the results!
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Ancho Tomato Pesto
A delicious and versatile South-of-the-Border version of pesto, that will really liven up dinner!
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