Salt & Pepper-Broiled Shrimp

Salt & Pepper-Broiled Shrimp
As simple as it is to make, this recipe for Salt & Pepper-Broiled Shrimp results in heavenly flavors!

12 large unshelled shrimp (prawns)
1/4 cup coarse sea salt
2 tablespoons cracked black & white fresh peppercorns
fresh lemons



Chop off shrimp head, just before eyes, then carefully cut deeply through head and shell along back and press open (butterfly). Devein.

Skewer sideways using 3 skewers.

Sprinke shrimp generously with salt and peppers.

Place shell down over a charcoal barbecue and grill for 2 minutes; Turn and grill other side; turn again and finish cooking.


Serve with plenty of fresh lemon wedges.


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