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Ancho Chile and Orange Marinade

  Ancho Chile Butter

So convenient to have this compound butter on hand. It freezes well. Perfect for dabbing on fish, steak or chicken. Try it on hot corn on the cob! Can be made in your microwave oven.
  Ancho Chile Marinade

Perfect marinade or basting sauce for grilled meat and poultry. Very versatile and flavorful.
Ancho Chile Pesto with Queso Fresco

  Ancho Chile Rub

Great on steaks and roasts. Add a little red cayenne pepper for an extra kick, if you like it spicy.
  Ancho Chile Sauce

Ancho Chile Sauce (Busy Person's Mole)

  Ancho Tomato Pesto

A delicious and versatile South-of-the-Border version of pesto, that will really liven up dinner!
  Anchovy Vinaigrette

When it comes to anchovies, most people either love 'em or hate 'em.

This simple, flavorful vinaigrette makes them easy to love and has been known to convert even a die-hard anchovy hater!

Artichoke and Olive Marinara Sauce

  Basic Vinaigrette

  Black & White Garlic Compound Butter

Compound butter is an essential of every kitchen. Make this once and you have a best friend forever. Use it on any cooked food whether meat, fish, fowl or vegetables, grilled, steamed or roasted. Versatility is its middle name.
Black Garlic Barbecue Sauce
Black Garlic Barbecue Sauce
  Black Truffle Sauce

A wonderful truffle sauce to serve over vegetables, potatoes, meat and even some fish dishes. Experiment and enjoy!
  Blue Cheese Spread

A perfect recipe for those surprise guests. Serve with fresh vegetables or fruit and add edible flowers to really make it elegant.

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