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Wild Mushroom Salsa
Wild Mushroom Salsa
A wild and tasty salsa with an earthy, mushroomy twist.
  Olive Oil Dipping Sauce

An easy, basic recipe to build on and to be creative.
  Onion Confit with Balsamic Cream

Pickled Crabapples

  Pinot Noir, Chanterelle, and Fresh Truffle Sauce

  Ponzu Sauce II

This is the classic Japanese dipping sauce using yuzu juice.

Porcini-Oregon White Truffle Butter

  Port Gravy

A classic gravy recipe with the addition of Port. Excellent made with duck or goose!
  Ramp and Cheese Dip

This is a wonderfully simple recipe that's filled to the max with that excellent wild ramp flavor. It's easy to put together, and will get rave reviews.
Rhubarb and Dried Cherry Chutney

  Roasted Corn and Ramp Salsa

  Spicy Mango-Chili Sauce

A refreshingly different chili sauce with a Thai-Vietnamese influence. The complex taste belies the ease of preparation.
Sweet Corn Coconut Sauce with Asian Aromatics

An unusual coconut sauce to serve with rice, prawns, mussels, chicken or noodles. Very easy to make yet full of deep, complex flavors. Heavily influenced by Thai and Vietnamese cooking.
  Truffle Oil, Lemon and Ricotta Sauce

When you are pressed for time, this recipe is easy and is delicious enough for a formal dinner. To really add some class, peel some fresh truffles on top.
  Truffled Bourbon

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