Hawaiian red sea salt:
Red color is derived from red volcanic clay and naturally occurring ocean minerals and microorganisms.This sea salt from Hawaii has some of the islands red volcanic clay, called alae, left in at harvest time. The final product has a distinctive color and a wonderful earthy mineral flavor. Excellent on seafood and in dishes where the base flavors need to be enhanced.

Brittany Sea Salts
During the earth's formation, the Guérande salt ponds in Brittany, northwestern France, were part of a bay in the Atlantic Ocean. The gradual retreat of the sea left behind a series of floodable pools. By the Middle Ages, the ocean had tried to reclaim its territory, but man had already modeled the landscape to extract the "white gold". Between 1540 and 1660, the salt pond area was definitively established and salt from Guérande was in demand and traveled all over the world. A gigantic mosaic of salt ponds, the Guérande peninsula retains and subdues the ocean's tides. The twofold action of the sun and the wind bring into existence sea salt, a completely natural. Two kinds of sea salt are produced in the ponds: Coarse Gray Sea Salt and Sea Salt Blossom.

"GROS SEL" or Coarse Gray Sea Salt
These salt crystals are formed on the bottom of the salt pond. Using a large rake-like tool, the salt gatherer detaches the crystals which he will eventually haul out of the water and pile into a pyramid shape to dry. Each salt pond section can produce approximately 50 kg per day.

We recommend coarse salt as a replacement for ordinary salt in cooking. In France, table salt as we know it is rarely found. The more natural and highly salting coarse salt is used both in home cooking and fine cuisine by professional chefs.

FLEUR DE SEL" or Sea Salt Blossom"
When the wind blows from the east, fine crystals form on the surface of the salt pond, forming "fleur de sel" or what we call "sea salt blossom" in English. This is the very top of the line, the best salt on the planet. Several grains suffice for flavoring an individual serving. When harvested "fleur de sel" is pale pink in color. It becomes white after drying naturally in the sun. The salt gatherer harvests it with a special rake.

Sea salt blossom with its subtle taste of violets is wonderful used at the table to replace ordinary table salt. All our salt is completely natural and comes from salt marshes in Guérande, a renowned salt producing village in Brittany, northwestern France. Our sea salt is entirely hand gathered by artisans who have revived an ancient trade.
True "fleur de sel" sea salt comes only from Guérande, just as true Champagne wine can only come from the region of Champagne in France; "champagne" from anywhere else is only an imitation. Guérande sea salt is truly the finest salt found on the planet. You can feel confident that you are getting only the real thing from Brittany Sea Salt! The salting capacity of sea salt is more concentrated than ordinary table salt, so a small amount will last for months.

Coarse Gray Sea Salt Works well for all purpose seasoning during cooking. It can be ground in a grinder, but a mortar and pestle grinds best due to the high moisture content, which is a guarantee of freshness.

Sea Salt Blossom" Fleur de Sel This is the very summit of salt, known to top chefs as the "caviar of salt". Guérande has been known since the 16th century for this salt; one taste and you'll understand why. Some people can discern a faint note of violets...

Sea Salt with Brittany Sea Kelp : Contains 90% sea salt and 10% algae: nori, wakame, dulse, sea lettuce. Use this to flavor a court bouillon when poaching fish or seafood. Kelp has the highest vitamin and mineral concentration of any food. All the known varieties of kelp are found off the northern coast of Brittany where they are renowned as the finest in the world and are highly prized by the Japanese.

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