Spirited Cherry Chutney

Spirited Cherry Chutney
Tangy cherry chutney is a great way to preserve your summer cherry harvest, especially if you have first infused them with vodka or brandy! If you haven't, don't worry - you can use fresh cherries or other stone fruit, like plums, apricots, peaches or nectarines. Just be aware that you'll have to cook the chutney longer to reduce the juicy fruit down to a thick, jam-like consistency.

8 cups spirit-infused cherries, pitted and coarsely chopped, left over from Cherry Cordial recipe
2 large onions, chopped medium coarsely
3 cloves garlic, chopped
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
3 Tbsp curry powder
2 cups brown sugar, tightly packed
1 cup seedless golden raisins
ΒΌ cup fresh ginger, peeled and chopped
3 cups cider vinegar
1 Tbsp ground allspice
1 tsp ground Vietnamese cinnamon
1 whole cinnamon stick
2-3 tsp sea salt
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 cup slivered almonds



Heat the oil in a large stainless steel pot.


Sauté the chopped onions and garlic until translucent. Add the cherries and curry powder and mix well.

Add the brown sugar, cider vinegar, salt and cayenne pepper, raisins, ginger, allspice, Vietnamese cinnamon, the cinnamon stick and salt and mix well.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for approximately 1 ½ hours, stirring occasionally.


Remove cinnamon stick and add the almonds. Stir well. Simmer until the chutney thickens to your taste.


Pack into sterilized jars and process in a hot water bath to can, or store in the refrigerator. Makes a great hostess gift!



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