Spring Trout and Fiddlehead Ferns

Spring Trout and Fiddlehead Ferns
Whether or not you're in a tent and cooking over an open fire, or at home, wishing you were, this recipe is perfect.

To really make it special, fry the trout in bacon grease after you've cooked the bacon for breakfast. The fiddlehead ferns taste delicious, adding a spicy note and they make a beautiful presentation as well.
It all tastes twice as good if you caught the fish yourself and foraged the fiddleheads in the woods.

4 10-inch fresh trout, cleaned and rinsed
1/4-cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup white flour
2 cups fresh fiddlehead ferns
1/4-cup cornmeal
4 quarts boiling water
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper


Mix the flour and the cornmeal with salt and pepper. Use it to dredge the fresh trout.

Fry in hot oil in a large skillet, turning once when the skin has become crisp.

Boil the fiddleheads in the water for about three minutes. They will be cooked, but still crisp. Remove the fiddleheads and drain.

Dot with butter and serve hot with the trout.


This is "roughing it?"

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