Truffle Shaver, Wooden with Stainless Steel Blade
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Essential for shaving paper-thin slices of truffle, our truffle shaver is a classic design that 's both handsome and extremely useful. The razor-sharp stainless blade is adjustable for precision slicing.

This versatile tool is also excellent for use with cheeses, chocolate, ginger and mushrooms.


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Spaghettini al Beurre with Fresh Truffles
Fresh, firm truffles, thinly shaved over warm pasta are a true joy to the senses. Their pleasing aroma and subtle nuances of flavor are released by the gentle warmth of freshly cooked pasta.
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Angel Hair Pasta with Black Truffles
There is nothing quite like a fresh truffle. It has a wild, earthy flavor which is at its best when seasoned sparingly and served with neutral flavors. Truffles are rare. For this reason, too, they bring something exotic and special to your table. This recipe is adapted from one by Emeril Lagasse. The secret to it is very simple seasonings.
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Truffle Pasta
Truffles turn an ordinary, easy to make pasta into a luxurious experience.
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Sautéed Chicken Breasts with White Truffles
An easy preparation that belies its elegant flavor. Deglazed with white wine, dressed with a tender, succulent slice of ham, then topped off with truffles. This recipe is adapted from one by Mario Batali, who knows how to treat a chicken.
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