8 Brix is non-pasteurized verjus with a twist. Regular verjus is made from the juice of grapes harvested unripe, usually in August. 8 Brix is made from juice of grapes harvested at intervals between August and January. The result is a sweet and sour balance with an explosion of fruit flavors.


8 Brix is not pasteurized, nor are any preservatives added. It is sterile filtered and bottled. This technique enhances natural fruit flavor, colours, and aromas, and also allows the product to develop with age, as would a fine wine. Once opened, 8 Brix is best used within 10 days. It must be kept refrigerated after opening. 8 Brix can be used as the acid component in cooking, be it in the traditional position of vinegar, wine, or citrus juice. 8 Brix verjus is extremely wine friendly, and is recommended especially with wine tasting menus. 8 Brix Red and White are both made from a blend of red and white grapes.

Some Uses:

  • In vinaigrettes for salads, or vegetables.
  • To finish sauces for meats and seafood.
  • Drizzle as is over scallops or fish.
  • Marinate meats in a small amount of 8 Brix.
  • Mignonette for oysters.
  • As a mixer for cocktails/martinis.
  • To add vibrant colour to a plate.
  • Deglazing.
  • Replacing lemon/orange/lime juice in dessert recipes as well as savoury recipes.
  • In sorbet or granita.


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