Minus 8 can be used as is for flavoring finished foods, to marinate foods or to sip as a digestive, mixed with oil for dressing, incorporated into sauces, or gently reduced for extra viscosity and concentration.

Minus 8 is very concentrated. A small amount goes a long way. (Minus 8 is never boiled or reduced after production. It is concentrated due to the grape growing techniques, and careful wine/vinegar-making process.)

Minus 8 is wonderful with foie gras, meats, fish and seafood, duck, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, salads, and sauces, as far as creativity leads. Minus 8 is one of the most wine-friendly vinegars.

Ideas for Use

  • Finish seared foie gras with Minus 8.
  • Drizzle Minus 8 over cooked fish, scallops, lobster and other seafood.
  • Accompany venison, duck, lamb, beef, and pork with a few drops of Minus 8.
  • Mignonette for raw oysters.
  • Seviche
  • Stir berries or other fruit with Minus 8, and serve with crème fraîche.
  • In vinaigrette, for salads, vegetables, seafood etc.
  • Finish a sauce with Minus 8, such as foie gras based sauce.
  • Deglaze with Minus 8.
  • Blue cheese, or other soufflé, finished with Minus 8.
  • Marinate red meats in Minus 8 for flavour and tenderness.
  • Prepare a sorbet or granita; serve with cheese, or alone to cleanse the palate.
  • Caramelize onions with Minus 8; serve with meats or foie gras.
  • Glaze vegetables, such as beets or carrots.
  • A few drops to finish a bowl of soup, purée, or chowder.
  • Reduce Minus 8 for a thick, complete sauce, especially delicious with seared foie gras.
  • Sprinkled on truffle, seafood, or vegetable risotto dishes.
  • Aspic or gelatin flavoured with Minus 8 for terrine, paté, to melt over hot meat or foie gras etc.

To reduce Minus 8, simply leave uncovered on a plate or in a bowl for 24 hours or longer. Minus 8 can be reduced over heat, but be careful not to caramelize the vinegar unless that is the desired effect.

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