Earthy Delights Recipe

Yuzu Kosho-Miso Glazed Salmon

Yuzu Kosho-Miso Glazed Salmon
We were recently introduced to Yuzu Kosho, a salty, citrusy & spicy Japanese condiment...ever since, we've been thinking up new ways to use it.

In this recipe, mirin, a sweet, low-alcohol Japanese cooking wine is used to balance the saltiness of the yuzu kosho. Savory white miso brings it all together while allowing the pleasant heat from the chiles to shine through! This unusual glaze adds just the right touch to complement the rich flavor of fresh salmon - or any meaty, firm-fleshed fish.

2 lb fresh wild Salmon fillets, skin on
1 Tbsp white miso
2 Tbsp mirin
2 tsp green or red yuzu kosho, or to taste



Mix miso, mirin and yuzu kosho until smooth (should be the consistency of heavy cream). Spread the mixture evenly over the top of the salmon fillets with a spoon. Set aside.

Prepare your grill or broiler. When the grill or broiler is hot & ready, place the salmon, skin side down, on the cooking surface. Cook for 10 - 12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the salmon. Do not turn the salmon.

Remove the salmon from the heat and allow to sit for an additional 2 - 4 minutes (the internal heat will continue to cook the fish).

Place on platter or plates and serve.

Yield: Serves 4 - 6.