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Sweet Cherry Cordial

Sweet Cherry Cordial
The fresh flavor of the sweet (or tart) cherries of summer are intensified & transformed into a deliciously intoxicating beverage in this simple recipe for cherry cordial.

Fruit cordials (or liqueurs) are alcoholic beverages that are wonderful sipped straight, mixed into cocktails or lightened with a splash of sparkling water. Often additionally flavored with spices or citrus, we opted for a simpler preparation that yields a cleaner, brighter cherry flavor.

This recipe uses sweet cherries and vodka; nothing else. You could use tart cherries for a tangier flavor (additional sugar optional), or brandy instead of vodka, but you'll enjoy the results with any of these variations.

Use whole, unpitted cherries to add a pleasant hint of bitterness and a delicate almond flavor, or if you prefer, you can remove the pits from some or all of the cherries.

1 lb fresh sweet cherries (tarts will work too)
1 750 ml bottle vodka or brandy



Rinse the cherries well and remove the stems. Place them into a large glass jar or non-reactive container (approximately 1/2 gallon).


Pour in the the vodka or brandy, making sure all of the cherries are completely covered by the liquid. Seal the container tightly and place in a cool, dark place for at least 1 month, preferably 2.


Decant the cherry cordial into another bottle. Reserve the cherries for cooking or eating. You'll find that they pack a deliciously alcoholic punch!