"West Meets East" American-Asian Trio
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American-made, Asian-style ingredients like you've never had before!  Our "West Meets East" sampler features three of our favorite ingredients, made by two of America's best producers of unique, artisanal foods. 


This set includes:


  • BLiS Soy Sauce begins with traditionally brewed soy sauce, made from non-GMO soybeans by one of Japan's most esteemed soy sauce makers. It's then aged for a year in bourbon barrels that have previously also held maple syrup.  This amazing soy sauce picks up nuances of flavor from the oak barrel, the bourbon and the maple syrup to create a flavor that is complex and satisfying.


  • BLiS Fish Sauce starts with premium-quality Red Boat Fish Sauce which is also aged in bourbon barrels, smoothing its pungent aroma and flavor for a long, lingering umami-rich finish.


  • Bourbon Barrel Foods Kentuckyaki is pure Kentucky-style Teriyaki sauce, made with Kentucky's finest homegrown ingredients. Kentuckyaki is sweetened with sorghum, flavored with bourbon, and seasoned with fresh ginger and garlic.  Vegetarian and all natural, but best of all - it tastes GREAT!


Three amazing condiments that lovers of Asian flavors will not want to miss!





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