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Thanks for visiting the Earthy Delights website, www.earthy.com! We hope you found something delightful to try!

What you see here is a selection of our best selling items, available in smaller quantities for the at-home consumer. But this is not nearly all we offer.

Earthy Delights has been providing many of America’s Greatest Chefs with fine wild, artisanal and traditional foods for over 25 years!! We offer thousands of products, in larger quantities, to the professional chef in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, casinos, resorts and caterers around the country.

If you wish to set up a wholesale account, please contact one of our salespeople at 1.800.367.4709, or e-mail us at sales@earthy.com.

We think you will be delighted and amazed at all we have to offer!!

Earthy Delights Wholesale Sales Staff

Ann Marie Pooler - Sales Manager
Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 118

Chambre Beauvais - Sales Maverick & Protein Specialist

Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 127

Jennifer Champagne - Sales Account Representative
Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 116

Kyle Hoke - Sales Assistant
Phone: (800) 367-4709, ext. 111


Earthy Delights

2871 Jolly Road

Okemos MI 48864

tel 855.328.8732

fax 517.253.7366


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