Varvello White Balsamic Cream - 250 ml
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White Balsamic Cream combines the fresh, light taste of white balsamic vinegar with the consistency of a sauce.

White Balsamic cream is made with a base of "White Balsamic" vinegar - white wine vinegar blended with unfermented white grape must. With less fruity complexity than regular Crema di Balsamico, White Balsamic Cream's light, tangy sweet-and-sour flavor and thick honey-like texture are absolutely unique.

Yes, it's a little bit like Crema di Balsamico, but without the deep, dark color and with a slightly lower acidity, which makes it extremely delicate in flavor. So while it has the flavor profile as "regular" balsamic cream, it doesn't color the foods it comes into contact with.

The delicate flavor of White Balsamic Cream goes with many types of food. Use it to dress grilled vegetables, seafood and poultry, toss with fresh fruit and drizzle over mixed salads. The handy squeeze bottle and thick consistency make elegant plate decoration easy.

White Balsamic Creams stands out - not because of its color, but because of its flavor.


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Ginger-Yuzu Mignonette
Best known as a tart & tangy condiment served with raw oysters, Mignonette is a sauce that can also be served any number of different dishes. Traditionally composed mainly of vinegar and black pepper, these days, Mignonette frequently incorporates other ingredients that can put a whole new spin on this classic sauce.

The version featured here has a definite Asian flair - it's almost as much a Ponzu sauce as it is a Mignonette. The use of soy sauce, yuzu juice and ginger certainly adds a different dimension which is nicely complimented by the subtle sweetness of white balsamic vinegar - and the pleasantly hot bite of black pepper.

This is one sauce with all sorts of possibilities - use it on seafood, certainly, but you'll want to try it on steaks, poultry, vegetables and salads as well.

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Iceberg Salad with Fennel, Feta and Black Walnuts
To some, Iceberg lettuce is rather 'retro,' recalling bland, uninspired salads of the 50's & 60's. For many, though, it's always been something of a guilty pleasure - not as hip or trendy as mesclun or arugula. But iceberg lettuce has never quite gone away; it obviously has something that continues to appeal to many people.

Why deny it?
Iceberg lettuce is satisfying - mild in flavor, crisp & cool. It's a great supporting player for other more assertive, distinctive flavors, like salty feta cheese, thinly-sliced fennel and robust black walnut oil.

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