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Sometimes called the "Queen of the Forest," the chanterelle mushroom has also been referred to as "the other mushroom", coming in at second place behind the much beloved and better-known morel.  But even though the morel mushroom is possibly the most widely known of the wild mushrooms, it is the Chanterelle mushroom which many of the world's great chefs prize above all others.

The Chanterelle is a distinctively trumpet-shaped wild mushroom with a color that ranges from vibrant yellow to deep orange. Fresh chanterelle mushrooms are one of the truly wild mushrooms and are still foraged in fields and woodlands throughout the world.  While there have been many attempts to domesticate the chanterelle, they have never yet been successfully cultivated commercially.

Wherever chanterelle mushrooms are found, they are prized for their superb flavor and fruity aroma, said to be reminiscent of apricots. Chanterelles are relatively mild in flavor, yet they have a distinctive taste and slightly spicy edge which holds its own against other ingredients in soups, stews and other main courses.

Tender and yielding in texture, the Chanterelle is never soft, mushy or crumbly, and is firm enough to stand up well in sauces, stir-frys and sautéed dishes. Their fragrant aroma, fine flavor and pleasing texture make chanterelles one of the most versatile of all mushrooms and have earned them a well-deserved place in kitchens around the world.




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Chanterelle-Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts
If you're feeling blue, embrace this tasty recipe with open taste buds! The dark clouds will pass and leave a smile on your face.
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Russian Style Sautéed Chanterelles
Chanterelles are a lovely pale orange in color, the scent often described as being similar to apricots or peaches. They have a mild, but saturated flavor which stands up to other ingredients.

This is an old recipe from the Old World. It's easy, it's fast, and it's delicious. The bacon flavor lends itself well either to a breakfast dish, or a side dish at dinnertime.
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Maple-Glazed Button Chanterelle Mushrooms
This simple recipe does nothing more than enhance the naturally good flavor of chanterelles. This is my favorite kind of recipe: it's very easy to prepare, but it tastes like a rare gourmet treat. A little pure maple syrup heightens the sweet, fruity aroma and flavor of the chanterelle - just the right counterpoint to the "bite" of fresh black pepper.

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Cream of Chanterelle Mushroom Soup
This recipe takes only about 30 minutes to prepare, and it's well worth it. The wonderful flavor of the fresh chanterelles makes this version of mushroom soup unlike any other you've tried before.
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