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Lobster mushrooms (Hypomyces lactifluorum) are found in woods, where its favorite host, the short-stemmed russula grows; widespread, especially common under conifers in the Pacific Northwest.


Lobster mushrooms are said to have a seafood-like flavor, but probably really get their name from their bright orange-red exterior and creamy white interior.

Please take note!  While lobster mushrooms are not as attractive as other mushrooms, their rough, mottled exterior and pungent smell belie their wonderful flavor. Lobster mushrooms frequently are covered with white spores, even after they've been picked, but don't worry, it's not mold - they are supposed to look like that! Their aroma can be quite strong, but after cooking, the true, rich flavor of lobster mushrooms emerges. They do best sauteed. and retain their fimness. They make an excellent addition to soups, stews and terrines.




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Lobster Mushroom Frittata
Lobster mushrooms are said to have a flavor reminiscent of shellfish, but probably get their name from their bright reddish-orange exterior and creamy white interior. Many purists will insist that the best way to enjoy lobster mushrooms is to sauté them. In reality, they work in nearly any recipe calling for mushrooms. In addition to their color, lobster mushrooms are known for their distinctive crisp texture.
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