Yakami Orchards Aloe Marmalade - 300 gm
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Aloe Marmalade is a refreshing alternative to traditional preserves that will surprise you with its clean, bright flavor.   Made with fresh aloe vera, sugar, honey and a pinch of Muscat for a great taste and a soothing, healthy change of pace.


Try Aloe Marmalade on your favorite baked goods or as a marinade and basting sauce with flakey white flesh fish, shellfish or poultry. Whisk a little into your favorite salad dressing for a cool, refreshing and healthful addition.


Product of Korea




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Grilled Mustard-Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings
The glaze used here is pretty simple: mustard and marmalade, plus a few other ingredients. Any good quality mustard, from stone-ground to classic Dijon, will work – as long as it isn’t that bright yellow stuff. We used one of our new favorites, Founders Centenniel IPA Honey Mustard. It’s already got a subtle hint of honey with a mild hoppy bite from the Founders Brewing Co. India Pale Ale used to make it.
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