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Yuzu Marmalade is simply made of Japan's unique citrus fruit, the yuzu, sugar & honey. Yuzu marmalade is one of the world's great marmalades and is an exceptional breakfast accompaniment. This amazing marmalade is truly remarkable, fresh & healthy.

Yuzu marmalade makes a tart & delicious spread for bread, muffins, bagels and rolls. Use it as a glaze for roasted pork, chicken or duck, or with grilled fish or prawns. Yuzu marmalade's uses are limited only by your culinary imagination.

Ingredients: Yuzu, Sugar, Honey

Product of Japan
Refrigerate after opening.


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Grilled Mustard-Marmalade Glazed Chicken Wings
The glaze used here is pretty simple: mustard and marmalade, plus a few other ingredients. Any good quality mustard, from stone-ground to classic Dijon, will work – as long as it isn’t that bright yellow stuff. We used one of our new favorites, Founders Centenniel IPA Honey Mustard. It’s already got a subtle hint of honey with a mild hoppy bite from the Founders Brewing Co. India Pale Ale used to make it.
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Grilled Pork Chops with Peach Glaze
This dish is elegant and delicious, and a refreshing change from traditional, rich barbecue sauces. An important issue to keep in mind here is that both the rub and the sauce contain sugar, which may burn while on the grill. Build your coals so that there's a "cool side" to the grill. If the sugar starts to burn, move your chops to the cool side.
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