Fiddleheads typically first appear each year in the early spring from March through May. Although the word "fiddlehead" could refer to any fern shoots, most are inedible and two varieties, Western lady fern fiddleheads and Eastern ostrich fern fiddleheads are considered to be the choicest of the edible ferns.

These tender little spirals are harvested by snapping them off within an inch or two of the ground as soon as they appear. Fiddleheads are a rich, deep green color and are about 2 inches long and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Their flavor has been frequently described as a blend of asparagus, green bean and artichoke, but in fact, they possess a wonderful and wild flavor all their own.


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Fresh Eastern Fiddleheads - per lb
Fresh  Eastern Fiddleheads - per lb

Season: April - Early June

Fiddleheads, the edible shoots of wild ferns, first appear each year in the early spring during April and May.

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  Frozen Fiddleheads - per lb
Frozen Fiddleheads - per lb

Season: Available year round, some seasonal gapping
Enjoy these wild spring delights year-round! Fresh fiddleheads blanched and flash-frozen in convenient 1 pound bags.

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